Germany Population


population of germany 2013The first population census in twenty years the number of people editing of Germany are 1.6 million less than estimated so far, confirmed the 2011 Census. Foreigners are also 1.1 million less.

The last German census took place in 1987 in the former Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), and in 1981 in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR). These data were updated continually with births, deaths and desempadronamientos. "However, the settings were not always accurate. Therefore figures became inaccurate over time," reported the German statistics.

Until now, it was estimated that the population of the united Germany amounted to about 81.8 million people, but the 2011 Census gives an exact figure: currently living in Germany 219 000 695 80 million people, according to the Federal Statistics Office on Friday in Berlin.